ExpressionEngine Partnership

ExpressionEngine Partnership

We are really pleased to be working more closely with the guys at Packet Tide and becoming ExpressionEngine Silver Partners. After a really interesting and in depth conversation with developer, Tom Jaeger on both the future of the CMS overall and the imminent release of the Pro version, we are really happy and proud to be given this opportunity.

We have worked with ExpressionEngine for well over ten years and it has been our preferred CMS of choice since our inception back in 2012. We have experience working on all versions from version 1, right through to the current, version 6 and have seen it go from being proprietary license based software to where its at now, open source.

We specialise in general integrations for design agencies, version upgrades, multi-lingual sites and Ecommerce using modules such as Transcribe and Cartthrob. We can also take care of extending ExpressionEngine to suit requirements with custom coded plugins, handling things like property feeds for Estate Agencies and much more.

Personally, we are really pleased with how ExpressionEngine is developing and the community also seems to be growing as well too, with more and more of us networking and helping others on channels such as Slack. Come and check us out on the partners page here.