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The Client

Eastron Europe Limited have opened Sales and Customer Support offices in the United Kingdom. Their UK based team have 20 years experience in this industry and are able to provide expert support with all of their products technically.

Eastron Europe, for Greybox Creative
Eastron Europe, for Greybox Creative


Commissioned by Greybox Creative, we were tasked with creating a mobile responsive website from a supplied Adobe XD file and supporting assets. One of the requirements was to connect a wide range of assets from the clients CDN service (Sirv) in order to create a feature for 360 product spin using an API and jQuery library.

Eastron Europe, for Greybox Creative


Mobile responsive and with an easy to use UI and navigation of drawers and dropdowns, the website provides a unique user experience. Our handcrafted front-end also gives the site a high scoring performance in terms of speed and meeting Google lighthouse requirements. The content and assets are all easily managed using ExpressionEngine, which is integrated with the CDN API.

Eastron Europe, for Greybox Creative

Having worked closely with Ryde for many years, I would highly recommend. Scott, is one of the best developers I have worked with. He has a great eye for design too, which makes him quite a unique developer and his knowledge of everything web is second to none.

Stewart Sutters
Graphic Designer,
Greybox Creative